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Hearing Aid Fitting, Adjustments Evaluations

Do you need hearing aids, trust Cassandra to properly evaluate if they are necessary. Hearing aids can only work well if they fit correctly, at Lifetime Hearing Solutions you can trust that your hearing aid will fit with minimal discomfort.


Hearing Tests

Are you showing signs of hearing loss? Visit Lifetime Hearing Solutions to find out if you are hearing properly. Don’t wait until things get bad, schedule an annual well-visit to ensure your ears are working how they’re supposed to.


Hearing Aid Repairs

If your hearing aids are damaged or malfunctioning, Lifetime Hearing Solutions can help. Cassandra can solve all kinds of of hearing aid malfunctions so that you can hear reliably once again.

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Performance Check

Hearing aids are a significant investment, it’s important to ensure that they’re maintained and actually helping the way they are supposed to. Regular cleaning and performance checks will help you maintain reliable better hearing.

Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Is your hearing aid not working for you? Is it causing more hearing problems than it is fixing? You may need to get it reprogrammed. At Lifetime Hearing Solutions you can get your hearing aid to a place where it helps your hear once again.

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